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LITIGATION & ADR: International trade and commerce has become more dynamic with the advent of globalization. Trade frontiers have shrunk and old boundaries are being crossed and/or erased by the day. By the same token, legal problems and challenges facing business have become hydra-headed, more sophisticated and sometimes, novel. It is therefore imperative that the legal service provider of choice should be knowledgeable and equipped to proffer solutions that are swift and decisive yet pacific.

Our Litigation/ADR Group is comprised of seasoned legal practitioners with several years of practical experience and expertise in arbitration, mediation, conciliation and litigation. In adopting one or any combination of these methods, we are guided and driven by the need to protect the interest of the client, preserve business relationships and save precious time. Accordingly, we often advise litigation as a last resort and in extreme cases.

MARITIME & AVIATION: Our Admiralty Group provides legal advice and representation in all matters relating to shipping and aviation laws and practice. We assist our clients in negotiating charters, carriage of goods and filing los and accident claims. We also undertake feasibility studies and provide services that enable entities to operate in the maritime and aviation sectors

CAPITAL & MONEY MARKETS: The Capital and Money markets in Nigeria are highly regulated in a plethora of statutes and judicial decisions. It therefore requires particular expertise to safely navigate. We act as solicitors to issues and advise our clients operating in the sector on matters of compliance with statutes and regulations governing their operations as well as keep them abreast of international developments and best practices. For clients wishing to operate or invest in this sector, we conduct due diligence enquiries and searches as well as advice on legal provisions and regulations relating to their particular transaction.

IMMIGRATION & NATIONALITY: Migration is generally a function of progress and harmonious agreement, but can often be fraught with bureaucracy and red tape. Our practical and proactive approach has enabled us to consistently offer our clients hitch-free migration, and we offer our expertise through a variety of services, including:

  • Advising international companies and multinational employers on strategies for international assignments, visas, work permits, filings and tax considerations within the sub-Sahara African region;
  • Providing legal assistance for expatriates in individual or consular capacities;
  • Assisting our clients with various filings and requirements under the applicable laws and regulations;
  • Rendering legal advice to individuals on pertinent issues surrounding travel and free movement of goods and services within the ECOWAS region.

INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY & FRANCHISE: We have a faculty of well experienced lawyers with strong bias for intellectual property law & practice. Accordingly, we are able to render sterling services in the areas of:

  • Advising on the acquisition, ownership, enforcement and exploitation of trademarks, patents, designs, copyrights and other intellectual property rights
  • Undertaking the international, regional and local registration ofintellectual property rights as well as their legal protection/enforcement
  • Negotiating franchises and licences
  • Advising on ancillary matters such as the protection of data and trade secrets as well as issues touching on unfair competition.

TAXATION: We provide a full range of corporate advice on taxation for particular transactions, including taxation in the oil and gas industry, property taxation including stamp duty planning, tax structuring issues for mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures, asset purchases and inward investment privatization, and general tax issues.

The dynamic nature of information and communication technology in today’s global village gives it prominence in any society, and at George O. Akwazie & Co., we recognize our clients’ need for innovative and bespoke commercial legal advice that is as fast paced as their business.  Our team is able to provide practical solutions within rigid deadlines and offers professional advice on the varying legal and regulatory frameworks in the region. We have in the past advised clients on related matters from e-commerce transactions to large telecommunications acquisitions, and we appreciate the need for stakeholders in the industry to be guided by expert legal advice. Our various services include:

  • Advising programming companies, telephone system operators, internet service providers and telecoms equipment manufacturers on all regulatory and licensing matters;
  • Advising on other matters related to the industry, including software acquisition and technology transfer
  • Advising on related data protection matters.

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